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About Us

Women in America share a common frustration: While we may have plenty of elegant clothing options for the office, most of the women's robe choices for wearing before and after work are anything but sleek and sophisticated. Inspired by the elegant robes worn throughout the Eastern world, we created Dynasty Robes. Dynasty Robes takes the best of contemporary styling and fabrics and blends them with the beauty of Asia's historical robes, resulting in sophisticated, comfortable robes that you'll be proud to wear.

In the past, robes were worn in public throughout the Eastern and Western worlds. As the two cultures interacted throughout history, robe design and robe fabrics underwent many transformations. That transformation continues as Dynasty Robes brings luxurious, sophisticated robes to women like you. These beautiful robes are unlike the bulky terry cloth robes you may be accustomed to – and that’s a good thing!

Our Philosophy: Stylish Robes for Today’s Woman

We believe women can be stylish and sophisticated after long day’s work, early in the morning at the breakfast table, and even in the kitchen. Our easy slip-on robes and other fine women’s apparel serve that purpose well! Our robes are so beautiful that you will want to revisit the old traditions of wearing robes in public. These stylish Eastern robes are perfect for wearing at home as well as at the lounge by the swimming pool, at the spa, and at your martial arts, yoga, and fitness classes.

We believe that one size does NOT fit all which is why we offer a variety of ladies robe sizes, including petite sizes and ladies plus size robes, for the perfect fit. We also believe that quality begins at the fiber level which is why all of our robes are made from natural fiber, silk, or cotton. If you're tired of looking frumpy in an oversized, terry cloth robe, you'll love Dynasty Robes!

Our Commitment: Quality Women’s Robes with a Gorgeous Eastern Flair

Fine natural fabric and quality stitching are our commitment to you! Dynasty Robes are inspired by the past, made for today's women, and crafted with quality, style, and comfort in mind.

All fabric is preshrunk before production begins, ensuring that our finished robes and other products will not shrink. Our tailors are highly skilled with years of experience. Each completed garment is reviewed to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and beauty. End result: The final products are absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Whether you're looking for silk robes for lounging, silk kimono robes, sophisticated ladies robes, Zen meditation robes, or even a cherry blossom robe, if you want quality, comfort, and beauty, you've found the right place to shop for women's natural fiber robes.